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Wednesday, October 1, 2003
Let's get this party started

[boobies 8]

[boobies 14]

[boobies 1]

[boobies 16]

[boobies 9]

[boobies 5]

[boobies 4]

[boobies 3]

[boobies 10]

[boobies 7]

[boobies 13]

[boobies 6]

[boobies 15]

[boobies 11]

[boobies 2]

[boobies 12]

posted by robyn on 10.01.03 at 12:00 AM


A mighty fine set of racktastic boobs for charity. A word to the new girls sending in pics is lose the guys hands. Totally a turn off. The guys who are going to send money to charity want a fantasy set. Not a nice set with some dude's hands.

posted by: Jason D- on 10.01.03 at 12:13 AM [permalink]

Thanks for the tips Jason!

posted by: robyn on 10.01.03 at 12:20 AM [permalink]

I have to admit...the anonymity kind of kills it for me. Instead of some voyeuristic glimpse, it's just a pair of random boobs. Could be anyones.

posted by: matt on 10.01.03 at 12:39 AM [permalink]

God be praised.

Glad to see this is going for a good cause again.

posted by: Corey on 10.01.03 at 12:47 AM [permalink]

Hubba, Hubba. I'm partial to the first two pics. Can I take them home? Sexy! Dead Sexy! :)

posted by: Sean on 10.01.03 at 01:35 AM [permalink]

While my blog may be gone forever, I'm still around for the Boobie-Thon as an observer and a contributor. For those of you who were around last year, my rack won the popular choice award.

If you're tossing up whether to donate $50 to get in to the good bit, please do. It's for a great cause. Oh, and there are photos of a topless romp I had at the beach the other day in there. If my boobies can help save someone elses, I'm all for flashing them!

posted by: The artist formerly known as Jessica Parker on 10.01.03 at 03:16 AM [permalink]

Sorry Matt, but it's anonymous for safety reasons and that's just the way it is. Most choose to be listed on the participant's page if you'd like to learn more about the women behind the breasts. But it's about using boobies to save boobies -- not faces -- plain 'n' simple.

posted by: robyn on 10.01.03 at 04:57 AM [permalink]

Nice boobs ladies, they're looking great! Keep sending them in!

posted by: tricia on 10.01.03 at 08:40 AM [permalink]

What if we donate and extra $50 then can we have names to boobs match :)

posted by: John on 10.01.03 at 09:00 AM [permalink]

I with the others appreciate the boobies.

Hope you raise a ton and it stays an annual event.

posted by: AgentVic on 10.01.03 at 09:38 AM [permalink]

This is the best fundraising idea I have ever seen/heard of.


Don't be limited by the suggestion of just $50! Bring on the money!!!

posted by: Eric on 10.01.03 at 12:29 PM [permalink]

ok, checking out the participant's page, i think i can match at least half of the boobies with their owners....

i haven't yet figured out if that's a good or a bad thing...

posted by: mikey on 10.01.03 at 12:43 PM [permalink]

So now we know what you have been doing all day Mikey :)

posted by: Sweety on 10.01.03 at 01:06 PM [permalink]

LOL Mikey... I can't believe you spent time actually doing that. haha

posted by: tricia on 10.01.03 at 01:14 PM [permalink]

C'mon -- it is Mikey we're talking about. ;-) And he was wrong girls. He guessed me as one of them, and I am so not on the list this year thanks to the baby on board! Ha!

(By the way, I will not confirm anyone's guesses. The list will remain anonymous, so breathe easy!)

posted by: robyn on 10.01.03 at 01:39 PM [permalink]

well jenni, you're in the other half. but give me time! hahahahah

ok, maybe not, since i found out that i was wrong on most of 'em. i think. man, i dunno.

i'm hungry. give me a break.

posted by: mikey on 10.01.03 at 03:58 PM [permalink]

Great Mike's Think Alike...

posted by: Mikey2 on 10.01.03 at 04:48 PM [permalink]

OMG I know those boobies =O !!

posted by: Dude on 10.02.03 at 08:50 PM [permalink]

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